Detection, response and automated management of security incidents in a simple way.

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Detection, response and automated management of security incidents in a simple way.

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Detection, response and automated management of security incidents in a simple way.

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What is spidernext?

Far beyond a traditional SOC (Security Operations Center), spidernext is a cyber defense platform in VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) format that is supported by Artificial Intelligence and that allows the detection, response and automated management of the security incidents made easy.

It integrates the ability to identify a possible cyberattack before it occurs, retrieve intelligence information, detect attacks on an organization’s reputation, respond and manage security incidents. It allows to centralize and unify security monitoring and management in a simple way.

Essential to manage the security of your organization.

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VSOC spidernext: Integration and modularity

Spidernext allows bi-directional integration, this means that you can easily integrate other security products and solutions and it also allows easy integration of spidernext into other solutions, receiving alerts and security events, and on the other hand it also allows to send events to other solutions allowing an automation of the response to possible incidents.

The spidernext solution is fully modular, it adapts to the specific needs of the organization, from small organizations to large corporations. You can hire only the modules you need according to the current needs of your organization. It is possible to only contract the necessary modules according to the requirements of each organization.

More information about modules
  • Monitoring the security of systems and assets.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DPL) detection.

  • Detecting attacks against reputation and public image.

  • Intelligence information indentification.

  • Analysis and monitoring of infrastructure vulnerabilities (Equipment, applications and services).

  • Alerts centralizations from Firewalls, WAF, electronics and network devices.

  • Centralization of alerts from security tools (Antimalware, EPPS, EDR, Antispam, DLP, WAF, SIEM, IPS / IDS, etc.).

  • Endpoint security posture monitoring and hardening.

  • Security incident management.

  • Automated generation of metrics, KPIs, reports and graphs.

  • The most cost-effective VSOC to implement thanks to its modularity and scalability.

  • Phishing simulation campaign.


Sistema inteligente defensa

Acquire a cyber defense platform

spidernext is an intelligent defense platform or system that offers the possibility of having continuous monitoring of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), alerts and security events. It is the only solution that centralizes security and is capable of identifying a possible cyberattack before it occurs, recovering intelligence information and automatically detecting attacks on an organization’s reputation.

Protección completa

Get complete protection

Get complete protection with a unified solution that combines the functions of prevention, detection, response and analysis of alerts and possible incidents, to bring protection against threats beyond what is available in the market today.

User-friendly platform

Ease of use is our goal, you can use spidernext, automatically collect alerts and events according to their criticality, generate metrics and KPIs, and automate the response to incidents, without the need for specific knowledge.


Security beyond the corporate infrastructure

Monitoring in real time of hundreds of external information sources, Spidernext captures information about the security of your organization on the internet, from forums to public and private publications, monitoring the public Internet, the Darkweb and the Deepweb.

Automated incident response

The platform is not only capable of sending personalized alerts based on detected security events, it is also capable of generating automatic responses and sending information and events to other applications or security devices so that they block attacks, reinforce security or isolate attacks.

Automated reports

With spidernext you can generate personalized and automated reports so that you don’t have to worry about generating reports on a regular basis. You can group the information by needs (security, intelligence, and reputation).


spidernext contributes to maintaining the security of your organization by centralizing the monitoring of assets and IOCs (Indicators of Compromise), analyzing vulnerabilities and detecting elements that may be harmful.

 It facilitates decision-making through intelligence gathering.

⇒ Real-time monitoring of the reputation of on organization, institution or individual.

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Why spidernext?


Increase the security of the organization thanks to advanced and early detection of possible threats. Anticipating cyberattacks will avoid future inconveniences, as well as improve the reaction and make it difficult to lose of assets.


Solve future problematic scenarios and design business strategies, thanks to the analysis of intelligence information obtained automatically through the platform.


Preserve your public image and real recognition, detecting information or data that may harm the general perception of your person, company or entity.

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